Leadership Enhancement Associates’ mission is to work collaboratively to enhance human capital in organizations and achieve strategic objectives to:

  • Enhance leadership effectiveness
  • Capitalize on strengths
  • Address challenges
  • Achieve business results


Leadership Enhancement Associates is client-focused and is unique in that we…

  • Work in partnership with our clients to build buy-in
  • Customize initiatives and interventions to respond to the unique needs of each organization
  • Combine intellectual property with practical business and human resources experience


Once we have an initial engagement with a client, we continue to have repeat business because of:

  • Our credibility
  • Our direct and honest reporting
  • Our flexibility and our reliability.


Leadership Enhancement Associates works in partnership with our clients in order to build buy—in. It’s one thing to talk about “partnership.” It’s another to actually create it. By working shoulder-to-shoulder with clients, we build credibility within the organization and, therefore, build trust. This trust dramatically increases the likelihood that real, positive change will occur.


We do not believe that “one size fits all!” Every organization has its own unique set of “unwritten” rules that contributes to its uniqueness. By recognizing those differences we tailor our interventions to fit the organization’s need.

Flexibility and Reliability

Because of our collaborative processes we are flexible and consider new input and new ideas to bring about solutions that work in our customers’ unique organization. When we make a commitment, we keep it. We have built a reputation upon reliability.