Senior Team Alignment

Leadership Enhancement Associates facilitates a process to align leaders with their vision, strategy, expectations, and mutual accountability. This process is designed to support a culture in which entrepreneurial flexibility and infrastructure are in balance. It builds a profitable business through investment in leadership and organizational talent. The following activities are key to the process:

  • Assess leadership and team competencies
  • Create consensus with the business culture and its direction
  • Develop leadership team charters (behavioral norms)
  • Develop strategies to assist the Senior Team to effectively lead the organization
  • Establish team direction and goals
Team Development

We work with clients in a process designed to assess the effectiveness of teams by using a variety of individual and team assessment instruments. We facilitate the process to:

  • Analyze team performance
  • Define the characteristics of the team
  • Develop a team charter (behavioral norms)
  • Evaluate and follow up
  • Plan for improvement
  • Implement action plans
Team Coaching

In this service Leadership Enhancement Associates coaches the entire team. We design and facilitate group coaching sessions on topics and issues identified through surveys, interviews, and observation of team meetings. We provide real time feedback during meetings. We identify and provide tools, resources, and materials to address issues, skills, and challenges faced by the team as a whole and as individuals. These include conflict management, communication, problem solving, and much more. Our goal is to enhance team effectiveness and intensify team alignment.